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      "But, o-oh! sir!" exclaimed the trio, when Miss Harper waved them to forbear. There was yet some daylight left as we trundled into a broad highroad and turned northward. We passed a picket guard and then a whole regiment of cavalry going into camp. They scrambled to the sides of the road and stormed us with questions, chaffing us cruelly when I remained silent. "Lawd! look a' this-yeh Yank a-bringin' in ow desertehs!" "Hey, you big Yank, you jest let that po' little conscrip' go!""Oh, General, if you send an officer they'll see the ruse! I can do it! I'll do it all right!"

      Isidore finished his cigar, after which he took a frugal omnibus to the City, getting down in the neighbourhood of Cheapside. He found himself presently in a dingy office off Ironmonger Lane, and face to face with a fat, oily man, who recognized him with a mixture of admiration and apprehension.

      Another difference between solid and expanding dies, which may be pointed out, is in the firmness with which the cutting edges are held. With a solid die, the edges or teeth being all combined in one solid piece, are firmly held in a fixed position; while with expanding dies their position has to be maintained by mechanical devices which are liable to yield under the pressure which arises in cutting. The result is, that the precision with which a screwing machine with movable dies will act, is dependent upon the strength of the 'abutment' behind the dies, which should be a hard unyielding surface with as much area as possible.


      "Captain Ferry," retorted Miss Harper, and I echoed the amendment.He had become entangled with a lamp-post. There is no other way of describing his predicament. He came to rest with his forehead pressed against the post, and all his efforts to get round it ended in dismal failure. His legs kicked spasmodically and his arms revolved irregularly. There were intermittent explosions, like the back-firing of a petrol engine. The only person who witnessed these peculiar antics was P.C. Hawkins, who had been indulging in a quiet smoke beneath the shelter of a neighbouring archway.




      Miss Harper "knocked me down," as we boys used to say, to Charlotte Oliver; "Charlotte, my dear, you already know Mr. Smith, I believe?""Law, you hain't!" cried Mrs. Wall, smiling back as she jounced. "If you air, the Majo's sisteh's got written awdehs fo' you."